Software Solution

There are many important responsibilities a Treasury team has within an Organization. As the business grows and Treasury management and monitoring becomes more and more important, having the right tools to accompany such a growth becomes a must.

At Tycron, we have designed and developed a platform that answers such need, helping the Treasury team to drive value through more efficient, effective and controlled processes, thus helping the organization in making strategic decisions faster and earlier.

Cash Management

Scattered information and complex system architecture with multiple sources generating cash flows will only lead to high operational risks, investment inefficiencies, and many more potential problems.

With Tycron TrAX™, clients will benefit from a real time consolidated view of all cash positions, cash movements and projected cash flows across all accounts and systems, as well as a streamlining of all existing cash related processes, and thus will be able to make accurate decisions faster, resulting in higher investment returns.

Liquidity Risk

With rapidly changing market conditions, regulatory authorities constantly increase their requirements on financial institutions concerning liquidity, obligatory reserves, exposure, transparency, etc. pressing these institutions to act swiftly in order to prevent any potential liquidity disruptions.

Tycron TrAX™ provides clients with official reporting (incl. LCR, NSFR, Intraday Liquidity, etc.), liquidity position monitoring, treasury and retail positions replication and revaluation, with the ability to perform scenarios and simulation.

Tycron TRAX™

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