In Brief

Software Solution

There are many important responsibilities a Treasury team has within an Organization. As the business grows and Treasury management and monitoring becomes more and more important, having the right tools to accompany such a growth becomes a must.

At Tycron, we have designed and developed a platform that answers such need, helping the Treasury team to drive value through more efficient, effective and controlled processes, thus helping the organization in making strategic decisions faster and earlier.

Our Solution

Various Modules

Thanks to its modular design, Tycron TrAX™ provides its clients with a solution customized to fit their needs, with the possibility of a phased deployment, making it simpler to implement, integrate and support.

Cash Management

To help organizations to efficiently manage their cash flow, such as optimizing cash balances and the use of funds, forecasting cash needs, reduce the risk of fraud and error, etc. and ultimately improve their overall financial performance.

Liquidity Risk

To help organizations to maintain a healthy and stable financial position and to minimize the risk of liquidity-related problems, such as funding shortages or inability to meet customer needs.

Financial Instruments

To provide organizations with a set of financial services and tools that help treasury departments manage their assets and liabilities, including financial instruments such as bonds, currencies, interest rates, and other securities.

Trade Operations

To help organizations manage their operational processes related to treasury activities such as trade capture, confirmations, settlements, and balance reconciliation.


To help banks manage ensure accurate financial reporting, maintain compliance with regulatory requirements, and make informed business decisions based on reliable financial data.


To help banks manage their reporting and analysis such as financial performance analysis, risk analysis, regulatory compliance reporting, and management reporting.

Cash & Liquidity Management