about us

Tycron is a Software and Consulting Company specializing in Treasury activities. Powered by the latest technologies, our development team thrives on designing, creating and customizing Software Solutions suitable for both financial and non-financial institutions.

Our Consultants provide a blend of technology expertise, a deep understanding of Treasury business, operations and processes, as well as a strong system knowledge on leading platforms in the industry, having delivered multiple services to banks and institutions.

From Software Solutions to Consulting Services, we are committed to moving our Clients' business forward!

our culture

At Tycron we believe in fostering a positive and proactive workplace, to ensure our staff are happy and are able to deliver on the company’s goals and objectives.

The team works in a challenging and fast-paced environment where each individual is continuously handling and delivering on multiple tasks. Being agile and flexible, the team often needs to adjust and redirect their course of action to adapt to the changing marketplace, and may often be exposed to new experiences and challenges.

At Tycron, collaboration and creativity are essential components, where team members work together, brainstorm, and bounce ideas off of each other’s, bringing innovative solutions and driving results.

Tycron promotes meaningful interactions between colleagues, prioritize personal growth, and provides everyone with an inclusive and friendly environment.

By consistently investing in its people, Tycron has managed to create a sense of unity and ownership that motivates everyone to do their best!