Go Live @ SGBL

Tycron TrAX™ is now LIVE at SGBL!A 6 week long implementation, including SIT, UAT and a parallel run! Tycron TrAX™ key features include its ease of implementation and usability.Out interruption, Tycron TrAX™ is a game changer. With Tycron TrAX™, Banks will gain a real time overview of all their accounts locally and overseas, and will be able to maximize their working capital and adequately make use of all the available liquidity across their accounts. The system is integrated with receiving SWIFT messages (MT940/950), keeping the balances up-to-date, while a validation workflow will ensure the accuracy of the incoming and outgoing cash flows.

Tycron TrAX™ is easy to implement, easy to integrate and easy to maintain, intuitive and very user friendly, giving both functional and technical users one of the best and most efficient user experience.

At Tycron, we aim at providing institutions with best of breed Software Solutions to help them scale and grow.
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The Tycron Team